Our SugarLamb Babies...

 April 2018

We have two litters planned at this time.


If you would like one of our puppies please read our policy....

Our philosophy and purpose at SUGARLAMB POM'S is to produce Pomeranians with proper color, versatility, temperament and conformation according to the standard.

      We believe in protecting the quality of the breed by researching pedigrees of future breeding. The puppies that we raise will go to “pet” homes or in rare cases "show" homes. These families must provide proper veterinary care and insure our Pomeranian's are family members receiving loads of love!.
      We do not breed to produce a large quantity of pets. We do not take names on a waiting list without a secure deposit. When we have a puppy available, we will list it here on our site. Your non-refundable deposit will be taken to hold that puppy until it is ready to go.
       I cannot give any special consideration on an available puppy unless a deposit has been received. The first deposit received will have first consideration on the dog. Puppies never leave here before they are 10 weeks of age.
       At SugarLamb we raise our puppies in our home and they are well socialized. They are prepared to love and be loved. They will most likely take over the running of your household.  Pomeranians have a way of stealing your heart. Please contact us if this is the right breed for your home.
       They are sold insured & health guaranteed against life threatening genetic defects. Are dogs are sold with Canadian Kennel Club registration,  They are microchipped and vet checked. We do not guarantee patella's or BSD as we feel they are two situations beyond our control.